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Share Savings Accounts

The Share Savings Account is a typical savings account and requires $5 to open. Checking account holders can access Share Savings accounts at ATMs nationwide with no fees. (ATM's showing the Co-op logo are only for free access.) ATM cards are available for Share Savings account holders who do not have an attached checking account. 

Special Shares Account

This can be used for any reason you may need it. It is separate from your Share Savings account but doesn’t require you to open a whole new account. Some folks save vacation dollars, or maybe for a special project. It can be anything for which you want to save separately.  And you can label it how you wish.  Ex…Vacation, repairs, college. 

Christmas Club Account

Start saving early for the holidays. Our Christmas Club account can be started at any time during the year and the balance will be transferred to your savings or checking account on the Friday around November 1st. Several members use this club account to save money for Real Estate Taxes due in December.   For the Holiday’s or for Taxes, this club account is a great idea.

Cub Accounts

This can be used to open a basic savings account for all your children or grandchildren.  There is no young age limit.  We simply ask that they have a social security number.   The account will be opened in the child’s name, and we ask the parent or grandparent to also stay on the account until they turn 18 years old.   

When a Cub Member comes into the office, they will be able to open the treasure chest and pick out a toy.  

We designed the Cub Account for children 10 years old and younger.  For children over 10 years, we have:

KickStarter Accounts

KickStarter Accounts are similar to the Cub Accounts.  The only change is that they will receive a gift when they open their account and generally, they won't want to open the treasure chest.

Money Market

If you don't want to lock your money up in a CD, but still want to earn a higher rate of return, our Money Market Account may be just for you. Our rates are tiered, so the more you save, the higher the rate you earn.

  • Minimum amount to open is $2,500.
  • Limited to six (6) withdrawals per statement period.
  • Great place to park your money while rates are volatile.  

Check out our current rates

To open an account:

  • Fill out a member application
  • Verify your identity

Online form coming soon. Please contact us during business hours to open an account.

Print account application here 


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