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HGE CU History

Have you ever thought about being part owner of a financial institution? That's exactly what you'll be when you join Hutchinson Government Employees Credit Union. So, why not join today and become a part owner of HGE Credit Union?

Hutchinson Fire Station

Hutchinson Fire Station, the original location of HGE Credit Union

HGE Credit Union was chartered in 1945 as Hutchinson Municipal Employees Credit Union. Originally, only city employees were eligible to become members. Tom Tomlin, firefighter at Fire Station #1 kept CU papers in a cigar box. The charter gives the address as 18-22 East Avenue B, which was the police department and Fire Station #1.

In April 1972, our name changed to Hutchinson Government Employees Credit Union, and membership was opened to all government employees. The office was moved to upstairs at Convention Hall (now known as Memorial Hall), and then to downstairs until the new building was dedicated in October 1995.

We are very proud that about 80% of the construction of our current building at 121 East Avenue A was done by member volunteers.

In 1983, our membership was expanded to include residents of Reno, Rice, McPherson, Harvey, Kingman, Pratt and Stafford counties — all of the counties that border Reno, with the exception of Sedgwick. We also include anyone who is employed at any government offices in one of these counties (city, county, state or federal), regardless of where they live, and the families of members.

In 2022, HGE Credit Union is known as a full financial institution.  We offer savings, checking, ATM/debit card, home banking, bill pay, and the list can go on...  If you haven't had a chance to see HGE Credit Union, stop by and see what we offer.

Credit Unions are unique, and so are we

Though we offer many of the same products and services, credit unions are fundamentally different from commercial banks. Apart from differing philosophically from commercial banks, credit unions return all profits to their members by offering great rates that traditional banks can't touch.

As co-owner, we work for you and will make sure you are pleased and have an enjoyable experience. Since our primary focus is our members, or co-owners, our main concern is making you happy. We want you to feel like family.

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