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Main St Hutchinson


HGE Credit Union was formed in 1945 to serve the city employees of Hutchinson.  

Today, our field of membership is broad.  We serve anyone whom lives, works, or worship with the following counties.   Reno, Rice, McPherson, Harvey, Kingman, Pratt and Stafford.

Field of Membership Pic

As a credit union, we are a not-for-profit instituion that is governed by our Board of Directors.  Our Board of Directors are members who volunteer to serve as our Board.  

HGE Credit Union Management Team:

President/CEO - Kory Phillips

Vice President - Christie Tipton

Boad of Directors:

Greg Henke - Chairman

Mike Williams - Vice-Chairman

Jenni Winters - Secretary/Treasurer

Kyle Finney

Pam Moses

Supervisory Committee:

Mark Cessna - Chairman

Duncan Durr

Shawn Kelley

Our Misssion Statement is:

To foster economic democracy through this Credit Union; to bring the ideal of economic freedom to our Credit Union Members to the end that the use of money be based upon the beneficial needs of Members and not upon greed; and to bring those higher conceptions of a more perfect economic life which will truly be of the people, by the people, and for the people.


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